With more than 23 years in the market
  • Crane BevMax Media2
  • Crane BevMax Media2
  • Crane BevMax Media2
  • Crane BevMax Media2
$ 9.299,00
Note: Machine price without acceptors (notes and coins)


Transverse elevator for sales of various products (glasses, cans, packs)
Increased product visibility
Compatible with all major cash and debit and credit card payment equipment
Management control system with checking and sales control and self-diagnosis functions
Modular temperature system (minimum 0 ℃) easily adjustable
Adjustable column and shelf for different sizes and tilting trays for easy loading
Protection against device shutdown and data storage
Sensor that prevents crediting the product until it is delivered to the customer
Allows telemetry (credit card, cell phone purchase)
Options: allows up to 54 types of products
Dimensions: 1.82 m high x 1.16 m wide x 0.83 m deep
Voltage: 115VAC, 60Hz 3 amps and 350 W consumption (KWh)
Standard Columns & Selections: max. 6 trays with up to 9 columns per tray
Logic: MDB protocol for international design
Weight: 350 kg

Voltage: 110V, 50Hz