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Crane TCN Fastcorpp
Importación/Exportación de Máquinas Expendedoras

Qab USA is a leading distributor of CRANE Merchandising Systems in South America, with hundreds of units sold in the last five years, including Global Bottlers, Multinational and Local Vending Operators.

Since 2020, we started to sell CPI Vending Machines and Payment Systems in the US territory with a great start in the market.

TCN is the fastest growing Asian Vending brand with presence in over 100 countries and QAB has been distributing TCN Machines for six years, with a track record of successful cases implemented.

Servicios de posventa y de campo

Our local team is capable to supply your technical needs, either on Vending Machines or Payment Systems, since installation & training through the local repair.

Our spare part pricing policy is set for the success of your business, with cost effective prices and quick delivery in the US Market.

QAB offers free online training to your business associates with easy and user friendly training modules.

The technology platforms that we handle are affordable to all vending operators and beverage bottlers.

We can definitely help you to deliver your vending sales targets!

Servicios de administración

Our commercial team is ready to find the best location to your vending machine, making the bridge between the tenants & public concessionaires to the Vending Machine Operators.

Commercial acumen negotiating the best points of sale to your business through a competitive consultancy fee.

Large experience with big vending projects, especially on airports, shopping malls, metro / bus / train stations, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, amongst others.

QAB has a long history with successful track record of vending projects delivered in partnership with big bottlers and global players like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, AmBev, Unilever and GranCoffee.

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