With more than 23 years in the market

QAB Management Services - We have the expertise needed to help you find the best spot in the market. Our commercial team will be negotiating with private tenants (Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Universities, Stations, amongst others), the best vending spots in town, enabling a quick start to your vending business through a single contact.

Import/Export of Vending Machines
Qab USA is a leading distributor of CRANE Merchandising Systems in South America. Since 2020, QAB started to sell CRANE Merchandising Systems in the US territory, which includes CPI Vending Machines and CPI Payment Systems. We also distribute the TCN Chinese Vending Machines in several countries ove the last seven years, including the US Market with long-term track record of successful cases implemented.
Aftermarket and Field Services
We have a local team capable to supply your technical needs, either on Vending Machines or Payment Systems, since installation & training through the local repair.
Commercial Services
Our commercial team is ready to find the best location to your vending machine, making the bridge between the tenant and the Vending Machine Operator. We can negotiate the best point of sale to your business. Large experience with big projects, including big airports, shopping malls, metro / bus stations, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, amongst other potential points of sale. Track record of successful cases implemented in partnership with big bottlers like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, GranCoffee and others.