With more than 23 years in the market
  • LINEA Touch Coffee Vending Machine
$ 4.899,00


Compromising on quality and durability when moving from a freestanding machine to a table top is a thing of the past with LINEA. Complete your coffee offering with the stylish LINEA furniture range to create an elegantly designed one-stop coffee shop; the perfect solution for any environment.

Customizable graphics make it the perfect solution for any setting. Featuring an intuitive menu to guide you through the selection process, LINEA is engineered elegance.

The high-definition touchscreen features include full-motion video and a retail workflow that enables consumers to craft their perfect coffee.

The perfect coffee at the touch of your fingertip, LINEA is your premium one-stop coffee shop experience.

Product Specifications

Machine Dimensions:

• Screen dimension: 10.1”

• Expresso Brewing system: CoEX (Coffee & Expresso); Capacity: 6g-20g

• Boiler Pressure Capacity: 20oz

• Gravity Boiler Capacity: 1.2 gal
• Canisters: Up to 5

• Height: 33"
• Width: 20"
• Depth: 24"
• Weight: 122 lbs.
• Electrical: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 10.3 amps, MDB Level 3 Controller

• Energy Consumption (measured at 50L/24h): 

   • Espresso: 123 wh/L Freshbrew 

   • Coffee: 175 wh/L Instant Coffee: 165 wh/L

 • Installed Power: 2.27kW

 • Water Main Pressure: 200kPa (2bar) - 600kPa (6bar)