With more than 23 years in the market
  • Merchant 187D-6 Media2 Ambient (Wide)
$ 6.999,00


Media2 Merchant Ambient vending machine – Get a faster performance, increased sales and a larger screen. Help customers make selections while exposing them to new products, slow movers, or complementary products. Encourage sales while building brand loyalty advertising and interactive promotions throughout the purchase experience. Enable multi-product purchases with one, simple transaction. Capture every sale with a built-in and intuitive cashless solution. Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with the greatest product selection in the industry and inform customers with a large display of easy-to-read facts to support FDA requirements.

Customize with your own graphics to enhance your brand.

Faster Performance – Delivering unparalleled speed, reliability and screen responsiveness.

Increased Sales – Suggestive selling and digital advertising drive impulsive and multi-product sales.

Larger Screen – A larger 9″ touchscreen with full-motion video attracts and engages customers.


Keeping Employees and Customers Safe with Unattended Retail Solutions

Create dedicated Merchant safety solutions for high-traffic and public areas, or convert existing worksite Merchant machine shelves to offer face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to employees and guests.


Adjustable shelving will provide the greatest flexibility for product offerings.


Tap to pay with all mobile payment systems.


Communicate important information directly to your customers.

Product Specifications

186 4-Wide Dimensions:
Height: 72"
Width: 33"
Depth: 39"
Weight: 510 lbs.

187 6-Wide Dimensions:
Height: 72"
Width: 44"
Depth: 38"
Weight: 610 lbs.

Electrical: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 10.2 amps, MDB Level 3 Controller