With more than 23 years in the market
  • Super Frozen Elevator 9C
$ 7.999,00

22 ”touchscreen (Android system) with the possibility to reproduce images, videos and fast upload via pendrive;
Blue screen display of 3 ”and high resistance metallic keyboard;
Lift system for the sale of fragile packaging or sensitive products;
Double glass viewing window, with anti-condensation heating system;
Cabinet with temperature adjustable via the keyboard, with a minimum temperature of -18 ℃ (frozen food in general);
Adjustable shelves (height adaptable to the size of your packaging) and adjustable width of the columns for snacks and drinks (all incline 45 ° to facilitate filling);
90 ° door opening for easy access during refueling;
Interchangeable springs and good inventory space for convenient items;
Internal cabinet with LED lighting (energy saving);
MDB 3.0 protocol compatible with all major cash payment systems (notes, coins) and credit or debit cards;
DEX interface compatible with EVA DTS (card readers);
Safe Selling System: drop sensors of the products sold guarantee the reliability of each sale operation performed by the machine, making it highly accurate in delivery (holds the credit until the product is effectively delivered, without damaging the customer);
Integral switch, safety circuit breaker / 24V DC electric motors;
Lighting at the entrance of the coin acceptor;
Anti-theft release hatch;
Capacity: between 280 and 540 products (may vary depending on the size and shape of the springs and packages).
Standard configuration: 6 shelves, 2 with double springs and 4 with single springs.
Option for shelves with sliding tracks (additional cost per shelf with track)
1.94 m (H) x 1.35 m (W) x 0.85 m (D)
Weight: 490 Kg
Voltage: 110V / 50hz, 3A